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Competition Nail Art Board

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This board was created by Genesis Ward. The Nail art board allows you work more efficiently during the creating process. Though the use of magnets you can arrange your work freely while having it be securely attached to allow it to be placed under the lamp during curing of gel products or during transportation. The board is 6 x 8 size to fit the criteria of Nail Pro hand turn in competitions. The metal working board is a heavier piece of metal that can be cleaned with acetone, so if your worried about messing up your display board this can be used instead.


**If you get the 2 Board kit you can get an even better deal! It includes 2 magnetic boards, 20 magnets,and 4 packages of tips.

**Each pack of tips include 1 tip of each size 1-10 or 0-9. 

*The 4pk and 10pk tips you can mix and match them if you like, Please indicate what you would like in the notes at check out.

Short Intro Video :

Full Video Nail Art Board Tips and Tricks:

How to cut down your tips and apply magnets: