For over four decades, ibd, also known as International Beauty Design, has been a leader in the Nail Care industry, dominating the market with world-class technology and unmatched innovation. As a trusted go-to for top nail professionals worldwide, ibd has developed iconic formulas, such as our Hard Gel segment, which has become a top seller and must-have amongst the best nail technicians in the industry.

With a product catalog spanning from Acrylic to Gel, we pride ourselves on revolutionizing the nail spa experience by offering the best Gel Polish, Professional Lacquer, Hard Gels, and Builder Gels in the professional nail industry.

At ibd, we believe every nail professional should be able to expand their services, catering to all clients and nail preferences, while growing the salon’s business. To support the ibd mission, we’ve created over 200 Gel Polishes, offering our top selling shades in a matching Advanced Wear Lacquer made for longer wear, shine, and durability.

To empower every pro with all they need to grow, ibd now enhances its footprint in the industry with an extraordinary spa collection to complete the professional pedicure. ibd harnesses the therapeutic detox power of Aussie Pink Clay and purifying power of Tea Tree for its first ever pedicure collections.

Today, ibd focuses on building stronger relationships with the best salons and professionals the world has to offer, changing the way we experience beauty and nail care one salon visit at a time.