Just Gel Polish Base Coat

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NON ACID -JUST GEL Base Coat has oligmer additives that will create an adhesive base between the natural nail and the UV Gel Polish.

NON ETCHING -light removal of the shine from the nail will create the proper surface for JUST GEL Base Coat application. It does not contain any chemical products that are designed to “chemically etch” the nail surface.

THIN VISCOSITY -Ester Monomers adjust the viscosity of JUST GEL Base Coat to create the illusion of suction cups on the nail plate which creates the adhesive bond between the natural nail and the UV Polish.

CHEMICALLY BLENDED -with acrylated oligomer, methacrylic ester monomers (increased amount thins viscosity) and photo initiators.

PRODUCT INFO: JUST GEL POLISH incorporates the latest UV/LED Gel technology in the market today giving you the wear of nail lacquer and the longevity of a gel application. The application is designed for ease of use, maximum adhesion and durability. Unlike regular gel color applications, no harsh preparation is needed, making this a perfect product for manicure clients or for potential clients who do not wish to wear nail enhancements. The perfect 14 day no chip nail color with no odor and zero drying time.

USAGE: Apply sparingly to the prepared nail plate and cure for one minute for maximum adhesion. Too much base will cause lifting.

AVAILABLE: .5 fl. oz CURE TIME: 1 minute UV. LED 30 seconds..