EZ Bond

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• CLEANSER & DEHYDRATOR: Balances the pH of the nail plate.

• NO DYES: No dyes or fragrances, which tend to leave a residue on the nail plate.

• BUTYL ACETATE: Completely evaporates and dehydrates the nail plate.

PRODUCT DETAIL: EZ Bond is a pH-Balancing agent and a dehydrator for the nail plate. EZ Bond should be used prior to primer, resins or polish. EZ Bond does not penetrate the nail plate.

USAGE: EZ Bond is used on the natural nail plate prior to artificial nail applications. Gently remove the dust from the nail plate and apply two coats of EZ Bond before priming the nail. EZ Bond should also be applied prior to resin in fiberglass and silk applications. Another use for EZ Bond is prior to polishing.

AVAILABLE IN: 14mL / 0.5 oz