Extreme Nail Forms

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• UNIQUE ADHESIVE: Strong enough to hold its shape but pliable for easy re-positioning and removal.

• DISPOSABLE: Disposable form with grid lines to guide your length.

• TABS: The tabs are used to ensure your form is on straight and helps create a Perfect C-Curve.

• PERFORATED BACK: Allows the angle of the form to be adjusted.

• MYLAR REINFORCED: Mylar covered paper with plastic gives extra strength.

• For use with Acrylic or Traditional Gel Application.

PRODUCT DETAIL: Sculpt beautifully long nail enhancements with EzFlow’s Extreme Nail Forms. These forms are designed to fit most nail bed shapes and are made with sturdy material to get you flawless results every time.


AVAILABLE IN: Rolls of 500

EXTREME NAIL FORMS Ideal for creating long and trendy nail shapes such as stiletto, almond, and gothic almond.