Dare To Be Dazzling Collection

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• INNOVATIVE GLITTER POWDERS: Available in 15 exciting glitter and holographic combinations, giving technicians unlimited possibilities for design work.

• 100% MARKET POSSIBILITIES: With Boogie Nights Glitter Acrylic Powder you can have 100% market possibilities and can be sold to any Nail Technician.

• WORKS WITH ANY MONOMER: Boogie Nights Glitter Acrylic Powder can be used with any traditional monomer.

• POLYESTER HOLOGRAPHIC FILM: This film has proven to increase the adhesion, strength and durability without melting when combined with Q-Monomer.

• A-POLYMER BASED: All Boogie Night Glitter Acrylic Powders are made with A-Polymer Powders for better adhesion and workability.

PRODUCT DETAIL: The Dare to Be Dazzling collection is made with our A-Polymer Powders. The 15 exciting Boogie Nights that enable technicians to increase their salon revenues.

USAGE: Dare To Be Dazzling Glitter Acrylic Powders work like any traditional acrylic powders and can be used with any traditional monomer; however Q-Monomer is recommended (odorless monomer is not recommended). Capping all Boogie Night with clear powder is recommended to protect the design and be more cost effective.

AVAILABLE IN: • 21 g / 0.75 oz Professional • Trial Kit: Contains 0.125 oz of each of the 15 Dare To Be Dazzling Glitter Acrylic Powders, 2 oz Q-Monomer, Tip Assortment, 20 pk. Nail Forms and 6 g Brush-On Resin