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Each bubble basket comes in 2 pieces: a basket and a handle. Simply put the handle on the basket and place your bubble bar/solid bubble bath product (not included) inside the basket. Hang the handle on your tub faucet before filling your tub to maximize bubble output of your solid bubble bath product.

Approximate Bubble Basket Size (excluding handle): *Colors of baskets may very

Whale: 4.2" length x 6.6" width x 1.3" height

Butterfly: 3.75" length x 5.5” width x 1.3" height

Unicorn: 5.75" length x 4.75” width x 1.3" height

Star: 4.75" length x 5” width x 1.3" height

Heart: 3.75" length x 4.25" width x 1.2" height

Bubble basket handles are approximately 4" tall.

Our bubble baskets are made of PLA which is derived from renewable resources like corn starch or sugar cane. Do not put in dishwasher or use very hot water (over 110 F), as it can warp and ruin the basket. It is best to hang basket to dry between uses.


Rinse your products under cool water and towel dry to clean. Never soak as they can retain water. Not dishwasher safe.

*Manufactured buy