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  • DPP (DIVERSE POLYMER PARTICLES): EzFlow uses a wide range of particle sizes, which will decrease the oxygen between the molecules that can lead to micro shattering. These spaces or gaps are not noticeable to the naked eye; however, affect the strength and durability of the nails leading to lifting, cracking and/or air bubbles.
  • ENCAPSULATED ADDITIVES: EzFlow encapsulates important additives, which initiate the drying of the polymer when mixed with the monomer. These additives eliminate air bubbles in the finished product.
  • INTERNAL PIGMENTATION: Internal pigmentation ensures quality control of pigment. The shades of powders EzFlow uses offers a higher standard, setting us apart from other nail manufactures. Color is injected in each molecule for precise color stability, eliminating the monomer from diminishing color.
  • NO CRYSTALLIZATION: EzFlow will not crystallize due to cold weather.
  • COLOR CONTROL: Advanced technology in color control provides technicians consistent shading with each of our powders.

PRODUCT DETAIL: A-Polymer Powders combine the latest technology in color control along with unparalleled strength and durability. Advanced UV Inhibitors prevent discoloration. USAGE: Combine your choice of EzFlow Polymer with Q-Monomer to create beautiful strong nails. EzFlow‘s application gives you total control of the product. Application time may vary depending on climate and temperature conditions, (extremely hot weather may cause the product to setup faster or extremely cold weather conditions may cause the product to setup slower). Adjust your Monomer/Polymer ratio without sacrificing strength or durability in the nail.