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Understanding ProDip by SuperNail® Acrylic Dipping System . . .

1. Dip acrylic coating is formed by the cyanoacrylate (glue base) dissolving the dipping powder.

2. Particle size of the dipping powders are processed further to remove larger particles from traditional acrylic powder.

3. The activator in the system accelerates the curing/hardening process, with out it, it would take hours for the base and finish gel to cure/harden. Dipping acrylics are more durable than nail polish, gel polish, and other types of soak-off gels. They remove easily with acetone as the cyanoacrylate in the base and top coats breaks up easily. The system has superior adhesion which makes lifting less common than other nail enhancements. Nails become stronger underneath due to the protection dipping acrylics provide as well as the formulation which contains vitamins and no methacrylates which soften the nail beds.

ODOR: Dipping acrylics are odor free due to the cyanoacrylate smell evaporating quickly.

COLOR: Color is achieved by the pigments in the dipping powder. Make sure to shake or mix any colored dipping powders before each use to make sure the application is smooth and even.

SHINE: Dip acrylics are a non porous surface that will maintain a high gloss shine.

Recommended for use with the ProDip Acrylic Dipping System, this finely milled powder will help you achieve strong and natural looking nails with beautiful color payoff. Contains additives that make the powder flow easier and react evenly with the base.


Finely milled powder makes for smooth application and minimal filing

Rich pigments give even color payoff

DIRECTIONS: Pour desired shade of dip powder in disposable dipping tray. After applying a coat of Step 2 Base, slide finger into dip powder and remove excess powder. Repeat above step and follow with ProDip Step 3 Activator.