Pro Acrylic Starter Kit

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• Excellent Starter Kit

• Completes up to 5 sets of acrylic nails

PRODUCT DETAIL: The Professional Acrylic Starter Kit is designed for technicians to try A-Polymer series powders. USAGE: The A-Polymer series powders work like many traditional systems. At EzFlow, we recommend a press and move‖ type application, liquid/powder Ratio is 2:1.

KIT CONTENTS: 2 oz Q-Monomer, 0.5 oz A-Polymer Truly White Powder, 0.5 oz A-Polymer Pink Powder, 0.5 oz A-Polymer White Powder, 0.5 oz A-Polymer Clear Powder, 0.5 oz EzFlow Primer, 1 oz Pineapple Polish Remover, 6 gm Brush On Resin, Assorted Nail Tips & 20 Universal Forms.