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TruDIP 3-Step Acrylic Dip System Design captivating acrylic nails in half the time with EzFlow’s TruDIP 3-Step Acrylic Dip System. This simple and easy nail enhancement requires no sculpting and minimal filing for a quick, precise acrylic manicure. Finished nails are lightweight and durable with a glossy finish. The system removes easily with a 10-minute soak.

  • Simple, Easy 3-Step System
  • Odor-Free Salon Experience
  • Natural, Lightweight and Durable
  • Time Saving Application with Minimal Filing
  • No Sculpting Required
  • Easy Removal Process in just 10 Minutes
  • No Damage to the Natural Nail
  • Over 72 Stunning Shades in Crèmes, Glitters, Neons and Shimmers System Essentials
  • TruDIP Base: Self-leveling, medium viscosity gel resin is specially formulated to adhere to the natural nail plate and absorb the correct ratio of TruDIP Acrylic Dip Powder. Item #66815
  • TruDIP Activate: Brush-on activator, formulated to work specifically with the TruDIP Base and TruDIP Acrylic Dip Powders to create long-lasting and strong nails. Item #66816
  • TruDIP Seal: Air dry, self-leveling gel top coat that seals and protects the TruDIP nail enhancement, resulting in an even, glossy finish. Item #66817
  • TruDIP Powders: Formulated to work specifically with the TruDIP Acrylic Dip System. The powder is finely milled, which requires minimal filing, resulting in a strong, natural-looking nail enhancement.