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The masks we are making are around 79% effective for .3 microns. 

We are based in Colorado Springs, but can ship them anywhere.


Kids masks are made 6" wide * ALL ARE ADJUSTABLE
Adult masks are made 8" wide * ALL ARE ADJUSTABLE
XL masks are made 9" wide * ALL ARE ADJUSTABLE

The recommendation is that you change them out when you come in contact with a new person in a doctor's office type of setting, or every four hours if you were in a normal say grocery store environment. You need to have enough for each person. You can wash them and put them in the dryer, but you can also hit them with a hot iron using the steam setting to help to kill bacteria. These are all just suggestions based upon everything that I have read. Each mask has a nonwoven polyester/rayon material in the middle as a filter. They also have floral wire to act as a nose piece to allow for a perfect fit.  The elastic type on the masks can very depending on the supply, but it will always be adjustable.The binding on each mask may very, but will always color coordinate with the fabric as best as we can.

There are several styles that are available, and new coming every day as long as we still have a request for them. 

If you would like to leave a donation that will go towards materials to make masks my PayPal is genesisnails1@yahoo.com or you can leave cash or check upon pickup.