Aussie Pink Clay Detox Pro Intro Pack (set of 14 oz size soak, scrub, mask, lotion + FREE b Cuticle Free 2 oz + FREE b Callus Free 4 oz)

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Soak-This detoxifying pink clay footbath cleanses as it quenches dry skin with pure hydration. In prep for the pedicure, it softens skin for easy removal of rough calluses. This rich formula helps improve texture while indulging the senses with a delicate floral scent.

Scrub-This botanical polisher features natural exfoliating ingredients to slough off the rough, dry, flaky surface and reveal refined, revitalized skin. With powerfully purifying tea tree extracts, it deep cleans pores and promotes fresher, cleaner, healthier-looking skin.

Mask-This revitalizing, antioxidant-packed mask with pink clay mildly exfoliates rough layers of skin and encourages natural cell renewal. Experience an improvement in elasticity and texture with skin that is also left feeling soft, hydrated, and smooth.

Creme-Lightweight yet luxurious, this moisturizing massage crème quickly absorbs into skin for immediate hydration. Its creamy conditioning care silkens skin’s touch and appears to enhance elasticity, leaving soles soft, nourished and floral-scented.